Saturday, April 2, 2011

love our friends & family

Today I drove to Brainerd and met my dad and got my kiddos back! Man, it has just been so quiet around here without them. Kinda lonely even. But Im glad they are back and super thankful that my dad and step mom were able to watch the kids for us.
And, I have the nicest friends ever!~ Shannon was super nice, she packed up a box plump full of all kinds of goodies for ALL the kids! How cute is she?!? OMG, We Love you Shannon, Dennis, and little miss Izzie Mae!!
Here are some pics of the kids diggin in and all I could hear was "oh wow! Mom look!!" 

Really tired, already almost all the kids are in bed. Grayson is still fighting it lol. He did that last night too. Hoping to go to bed here pretty soon. Going to be making cupcakes tomorrow, we got all the stuff to make them, also a big Thank You to Shannon! :)

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  1. Awwww omg I am in LOVE!!! I love the pictures they are so adorable haha! Thank you for sharing them! :D You are so very welcome hon!!! I am glad they liked everything and are having fun with it :) How did the kids like that ocean sea critter musical toy thinger? It looked sooooooo cute and I so wanted to grab one for Izzie too (I still might LOL). And Izzie Mae has the same fill-n-spill purse too, and it is cute. I didn't wanna get such a "babyish" toys, and knew those were be totally perfect for now and for a bit yet :) Oh and now ya gotta take pics of making cupcakes too hehe!! Aren't those lil picture holder things adorable? I had to send you a couple of them, fellow cupcake fan heh! :) I got SO excited when I found those for Isabelle's party, they were a PERFECT match to her theme. I did everything cupcake theme, from her clothes, her invites, the decor, the stickers on the loot bags, I even had Hershey nugget wrappers with matching cupcake theme on it saying "Isabelle's 1st Birthday, Thanks for coming!" (had those on the tables, I meant to throw one in your box!)(I <3 eBay lol, it was cheaper to get them for $1 a cheet of 60+ then to buy a plain pack of them for over $8 and make them, was just easier for now). It was all so much fun. So we sent a part of it down there to you! :D I am glad you guys had a good day and there were smiles. It is nice to take your mind off of things if even only for a little while! :) Lots of love and hugs to you all..xoxo <3 <3 <3 I already have ideas for the next box LOL, stuff I was gonna stick in THIS one, but ran out of room haha!