Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm a little behind on things. We got another package in the mail! It was from a friend of mine (Heather), and it had super cute stuff!! We are so blessed to have such great friends. The kids were so excited when they were digging through the stuff Shannon sent the other day and were just as excited while digging through the gifts from Heather. Not  saying that it only takes "things" to make my kids happy, but it was really nice and unexpected and at a time like this it just makes us all realise how many people care about us.
Pics of the cute things from Heather-I'm missing some pics of these little piggy banks that the older kids are going to paint. We are planning on painting them this week, so pics of those to come. I'm really excited to see what kind of painting skills the kids have lol!

Also made some new clips, of course. I really love these ones.
Well, today was a really bad day for me. I just have been in a horrible mood and snapping at everything and everyone. I think it's because tomorrow is Wednesday, and we all know what that means. Ugh!
Grayson had his pre-op today and everything seemed good to go! We saw a Dr that we have never seen before, and at first I thought I liked her. Then she was talking to me about Grayson and asking questions and such and then said well with what he has going on she said that all we can do is hope for a miracle. Um, wow thanks. It's easy for people to say that when its not their kid.
Oh, and we were supposed to go to military family night at the police dept. But we finally came up with the excuse-"we don't want grayson around other people right now to avoid catching something. which would cause everything he has scheduled tomorrow to be a no go" Sounded good to me! So instead we just came home. I feel like I have to mentally turn off certain feelings in my mind when Grayson has appointments like these. I know they need to be done, so I just need to be strong for my little guy. I know this is why I have been so sad and moody today. I just hate that he has to go through all this crap! I'm praying super hard all the time, day and night, that nothing shows up on this set of tests tomorrow, and then also- in 5 weeks when he has the next head MRI that the tumor hasn't grown.
I'm so nervous, again...for the tests tomorrow. Its also the first day the other kids will be going to daycare. Its going to be a hard day and I'm just tired, mentally. 
Also, Thank you to everyone that has sent us a card. Its hard for me to even explain...but it really is the thought that counts. We cant even find the words to tell you all how happy it makes us when we read the cards. Its just amazing and we thank you <3

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  1. Super cute pics! I'm so glad the babies like their babies LOL. The pics where Emma is reaching over to steal Grayson's baby's bink is too funny! Can't wait to see the kids piggy banks, I bet they're as creative as their mommy :) I'm saying big prayers for you today, hope you can update us all when you get home. Love ya.