Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I went to bed extra early last night. Totally needed it, I was so stressed and run down from the kids the last week. Its like there is always one baby crying and doesn't know what they want. Teething twins is horrible haha!

Yesterday morning I got a phone call from out neurologist. I haven't heard from him in over a month so it was nice to talk to him. He said that now ALL the tests have come back from the lab work they drew from Grayson 2 weeks ago (and also before that). So everything they did to try and rule out certain things was done. He said the genetic testing came back yesterday (the one I had talked about before where it mimics a brain tumor and it also has no cure), came back normal. So that means they have ruled out everything they could to try and say that this is not a cancer (without going in and biopsying it or course-not an option due to location). He said he is very sad to say that from now on he will be referring to this as a 'glioma' also. Glioma is a cancer in the brain, instead of just saying a tumor which can be anywhere, a glioma is only in the brain. He said that the whole time the oncologist has been telling him that she thinks it is cancer, but when she talks to us she doesn't say that, she does but then says that's not what it could be though. So I'm kind of pissed at her for not just being upfront-this is why i LOVE our neurologist!! He doesn't hide things, even if he only THINKS it could be this or that. He at least prepares us for it. I don't like that shes been saying this the whole time to him but not us.

But even though they are saying he has cancer now, I'm still hopeful that it just wont grow and turn into anything just yet. I feel guilty that we spent our savings all on the wedding now, I don't know if I should feel that way but I do. We are still in debt from the wedding 6 months ago!! Now we are planning on a summer full of traveling to cancer clinics. Like the neurologist said "NO parent should have to go through what you are going through." They really shouldn't. I should be planning fun things, which I AM still going to do!!

Since I haven't kept up with the blogging the last week here is a few more pics :)
 Drinking "beer"...rootbeer that is ;)
 Made by mommy <3

 Emma is trying the crawling thing, she will get up and act like shes going to then just fall down lol
 Buddy entertaining the twins with his magic tricks haha
 I'm gonna get u!!

 Playing piano that daddy got for us!!

And I am SO sorry for not getting thank yous out to those that have sent us cards. I will do a quick Thank you on here

Thank You doesn't seem like the right words, it means so much 
more getting the cards and reading the kind words, it helps my heart smile :)

Alisha L.
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Heather H.
Vicki G.
Krystal G. (and Catie, shes so thoughtful)

And a thank you for the gift packages from:
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