Friday, April 8, 2011

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I was just way to exhausted. It was an errand running kind of day yesterday and then again this evening! But at least the weather was nice :) Yesterday we had to run to Carters in MOA, and we put the twins in the stroller just sitting up and not in the car seats. So, this marks another first  for them. First time in the stroller like a big kid lol.
 Last night Riley and I went for a walk after dinner together. It was nice to just go for a walk, just the two of us. She had lots to say LOL.
This morning around 8:30am the oncologist called. She had got a few more results in and wanted to let us know right away so we didn't have to wait so long for things, which is really nice of her! The cancer marker test came back and it was all good. So that means that there is not cancer cells throughout the body. Means the tumor is very localized and isn't spreading that we can tell of. Which is good :)
There were a few other radiologists and doctors that looked at his Ct scan and they all said that the liver does look fatty ( i don't remember the exact term they used for this, but fatty was what it meant). But they also all agreed that they are just going to keep an eye on it for now. The blood work came back good so that means the liver is still doing what its supposed to be doing so might as well just let it be for now and I agree with that.
We are waiting on one test, and then if that comes back negative (good) then we are back to square one. Its just hard because they cant go in and biopsy this thing.
Graysons next appointment is scheduled for May 11th. This is when his next MRI of his head will be. If the tumor is bigger/still growing, then they will start him on steroids. I'm not sure for how long, or what the dose is, or even how we give it to him. I hope its not shots. Ugh my poor lil boy.
He's been really cuddly today and kind of needy. I hope he isn't getting sick. He feels warm but doesn't have a temp. He did however crawl to the entertainment center and open the door! I was watching the whole time thinking how cool!! My boy is getting into trouble! Yay!! LOL He's doing what hes supposed to be doing, he may not be doing all the things kids his age are doing, but he finds a way haha :)


  1. So glad you're getting good news! Still praying for you guys everyday. That little guy has me praying like I've never prayed before. =) And I don't know how you manage grocery shopping with two little twinners. Nora has me on my toes the entire time because she is constantly trying to figure out how to wiggle out of her buckles. I guess that is why I use my beco so much. And awesome about the little man crawling! We'll have to get him, emma and nora together soon so they can really teach each other how to get in trouble! lol take care and stay positive!

  2. LOL yeah exactly "teach each other how to get in trouble" haha! and i really try to stay positive and find the silver lining. Right now the silver lining is that the cancer cells are not through out the body. It still sucks because we dont know what we are dealing with. The oncologist is calling it a glioma now. So that just sounds super scary :/ but im hoping things calm down so we can enjoy the summer and he can avoid treatment until fall.

  3. Grayson looks like he is doing plenty fine in my opinion Jess, as far as how much he is doing for his age :) For what he is going thru, he is KICKING BUTT!!! LOVE the video! Love love love it! Happy to see things going better, that some of the stuff is coming back good news so far <3 lots of love and hugs and prayers to you all each and every day!!! :)