Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Today was the twins 1st Easter!! It was a pretty laid back day just hanging out at home. Jesse worked most of the day so the kids and I didnt really do much. They had fun diggin through their baskets from the easter bunny and finding the eggs! Riley found the golden egg!! LOL she was so excited. 
Yesterday we had went to the Easter Carnival at the school. I was pretty upset last night so didnt want to post. I had a very evil person say that because I am a b*tch that Grayson having a tumor is my OK! She really went into further detail about this. This girl is absolutely crazy and has completely lost her mind!! I just couldnt believe someone would talk like that about a baby. I dont care how much you dislike me, but then to say that about him and then laugh and think it hilarious. Wow is all I have to say!!

But we had a good Easter at home as a family :)

Wyatt was to afraid to sit with the Easter Bunny LOL!! Emma wouldnt take her eyes off of him, and Grayson kept getting tickled by the hairs so he was just crackin up LOL
Happy Easter Everyone!!

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