Monday, April 25, 2011

 How cute are they!? The onesie Emma is wearing (says 'My Brothers Biggest Support') is one from a friend of mine (Megan over at Polka Dot Junkie) she makes such cute things! She is just Awesome! Love her!! :)
 I made Grayson's onesie, its got a cross on it to match Emmas and I also made the bow :) 

Got some updates in the mail today on the sleep study that was done last Wednesday. The doctors wouldn't say much to us while we were there, the one cant look at us without tearing up. Hes a great doctor and a very kind person, he hates telling us bad news about Grayson. If you remember I was saying the doctors would talk about Graysons results outside the room, but not much to our face. Well in the letter it says that Grayson had 18 times where he had the 'central apneas' and that an average person moves around 5.5 times an hour and he had excessive movement (I don't remember the exact number). I don't even know what that means or what would be done. The letter also pointed to tumor growth as being the possible reason for the apnea. So this tumor is causing him to have episodes of no breathing, its blocking the messaging for the body to keep breathing. BUT they can not come out and say this and are trying not to assume this until the May 11th MRI that will show whether or not this tumor HAS actually grown more.
The other day I noticed Grayson's left eye seems to have a little drooping of the upper eye lid. I keep hoping its just from the way he slept or something odd like that, but its still there....I hate this. My son has something that is inoperable, that appears to be causing him serious problems now. I'm always a nervous wreck and checking on him at all hours of the night because what if it is blocking these messages and they don't get through enough and he doesn't come back from it!? :(  NOT something I ever want to see!!
I feel helpless, I wish we wouldn't have got married 6 months ago  (I know I shouldn't say that!) and just had that money still in savings instead of nothing. We need that money, I want to see other doctors-out of state. I wish I had more time and energy to make more bows to put in my shop and try and make some more money but I just don't. I had someone ask me about maybe setting up a BBQ Benefit back home, it sounds like a good idea and also a lot of work.
Well I'm really hoping the kids all want to sleep tonight. Emma isn't feeling well and Wyatt is a ball of energy lately lol.
I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend :) And tonight, just now, EMMA IS CRAWLING!!!!! She JUST started it! OMG OMG hahaha for cool!!! Gooooooo Emma!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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