Friday, March 11, 2011

Up, Up & Away

Hot Air Balloon Cupcake Cake

Totally Love how this turned out :)
Lauren is such a picky little girl. I looked for hours on google for something that was easy and took little skill and every time I found something I might be able to pull off, Lauren didn't like it.
I though about what shes into...
Polly Pocket....ok...
Then I just played around with the cupcakes trying to figure out 
what all I could build with them. 
For some reason I pushed them over to the corner of the table and it looked like
a hot air balloon.
ok, polly pockets are going up, up and away! 
So now let the construction begin hah!

Get those cupcakes baked (according to package) and cooled
Oh, and note to self- DO NOT let cupcakes cool on wax paper on top of table.
I don't know if I mentioned this or not....but I'm not skilled at baking :/

Next, get some cardboard and cover it in tinfoil. You can decide here how big you want you hot air balloon to be. We aren't having a big party so we didn't need much. So I used a smaller piece of cardboard. I had some boxes from the post office and just used a medium size box (not folded). Worked great :)

Now-hand crabby 2 year old a cupcake to keep him busy while you mix up your colors. We chose pink!
You can either make your own frosting (I didn't have time nor patience), we used the store bought whipped frosting-vanilla. Added red food coloring until desired pinkness. Also made up color we wanted to use for the  "basket" which was a light purple, and put that into a bag for piping. Chose a tip that would make the weaved look onto the basket.

Then, make sure your "balloon" is the shape you would like it to be, and gently spread the frosting over it. I couldn't find my spatula so I globbed the frosting on and used a pan scrapper to spread the frosting and it worked frickin awesome!

Sorry forgot to snap a pic here!

Next, we used to piping bag to add the frosting to the basket. Make sure you practice first before you start on the basket! :)

Just work with it until it looks like its weaved and looking like a hot air balloon basket.
Practicing with the piping

Then we added the Polly pocket girls into the basket. We just slid them in between the cupcakes. 

To attach the basket to the balloon I used spaghetti noodles.  LOL! I wanted to use licorice but had none. It works just fine 

And here it is! I took some writing gel and added some lines to the balloon and wrote on the tinfoil. I also took the same piping bag and tip and just turned it and wrote the 5 on the balloon.
Hope you enjoyed :)

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