Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Twins are 10 months old!!~

This morning the neurologist called. He wanted to know if anyone got back to us yesterday, which they didn't. He said he is trying to get us seen this Wednesday. He also said that he found a peds neuro-oncologist that has seen something similar and it wasn't a tumor. He didn't really get into detail and said he didn't want us to get our hopes up because he really didn't think was what was going on with Grayson. But with this other case, there was no symptoms. He said again that we need to find out whats going on with Grayson, his regression. He doesn't want Grayson to start losing more function and neither do we~
We have set things up that this weekend my dad or step mom is going to meet me and they are going to take the older kids and keep them next week. So I'm hoping we can set things up and find out more information in that time. 
All of this is sooo scary. When he was telling me about this other neuro-oncologist that seen something before that ended up not being cancer blah blah well at first I got really excited and was hopeful. But if this isn't cancer, its still growing and causing lots of problems. Its still in an area they cant biopsy without possibly paralyzing him. So should I be even get my hopes up?? I just don't see the silver lining on any of this. Even if it turns out not to be cancer he could still live his life not being able to move...is that what we want? Of course not...I just don't know how I feel at all. Just need to find out whats going on 

Well today I had planned on it being a fun day. But today Grayson doesn't want to sit at all, I think it hurts his back when he sits. I mean he has some tumor pushing on those nerves so it probably does hurt. Also right away he slept hours longer then normal and threw up more. UGH~

I got these pics taken


19lbs 2ozs
27" long
-rolling over like crazy! still using the rolling over to get to all the things he shouldn't
-started babbling more
-loves bananas but isn't allowed to eat :( only formula
-in size 12 months clothing!
-still working on getting in those top 2 teeth, which will make 4 teeth

24-25" long (not sure lol)
-rolling over and still no crawling either, but when you can just whine and 
have people do things for you, why crawl?! lol
-likes to sing along with songs, and daddy
-total daddy's girl!
-also loves bananas
-2 teeth 

Please keep praying for a miracle

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  1. Your babies are so beautiful. I just love seeing those happy smiles on their faces.

    Smiles Sher