Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today was a day of pure ups and downs. Ive never had my emotions go on such a roller coaster ride lately. I'm still not sure what mood I'm in right now. Its a mix, to say the least.
Its the first day the hubby is away to drill so I just planned on cleaning up a bit and relaxing with the kids. The neurologist called around 1pm and said he didn't want to wait to have the MRI done on Monday. He said it was just to risky, because if there is swelling in the brain they need to know now! Ok, I'm slowly freaking out but keeping calm on the phone. He wanted Grayson to go in today for the MRI but there was no way I could get the kids ready and pick Riley up from school and then make it to the hospital on time. :(  Another downfall of not having family close :(
So, after many phone calls back and forth between the neurologist, peds neurosurgeon, the MRI techs and me, we set a time of 12:45pm tomorrow. At first they said it was going to be a non-sedation MRI, so I got really excited because I knew it was going to take less time and be much easier for him and less worrying for me. Then after a few hours the neurologist called back and said no, they are going to go ahead with the sedation. :( my heart fell back into my stomach. Ive just been hoping all day that the hubby can get out of drill early to be there with me. 
My dad and step mom are coming down tonight to help watch the kids while Grayson and I go to St. Paul Gillette tomorrow. 
Praying things go well...if there is swelling or the tumor has grown he will be admitted and they will discuss treatments. But they keep saying the tumor is in an inoperable position so it scares me more. Pray for my little guy. Hes such a fighter...

Also, it has been a month since Maddie passed away. Her amazing mommy has asked that everyone take lots of  pics of their kiddos today and go outside and play with them. I live in Minneapolis, MN. So, the temp is 45 degrees out today (which is kind of nice), but because of Grayson's MRI tomorrow we were asked to avoid contact with other people and try to stay inside and home to avoid him catching something that would cause the MRI to be a no-go. 
But here are some pics we <3

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