Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today I made some bows for my shop. Cute! Then of course I had to model them on princess Emma. She loves playing dress up already. Well and I love dressing her up, so stinking cute!! I think she is going to be my little girly girl :)
I had the twins sitting by each other and Grayson just wouldn't leave Emma's necklaces alone and she kept screaming at him LOL. I had to get him a little tie to wear to keep him occupied and man did he sure look handsome! :)

I've noticed that Grayson's tremors are back. His hands shake quite a bit now, not as bad as when he was around 6 months, but its definitely back. Back to the point that he cant control it completely. 
I thought Wednesday seemed like it was going to be here before we knew it, but now it seems like I'm just counting every second until it gets here! It seems worlds away!! It will be such a life changing day for us and I just cant stop thinking about it :/

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  1. You sweet girl. I am praying for you and your family. I am understanding a lot of what you are going through in several ways.
    My fiance'- now hubby of 17 years had a brain tumor right before our wedding it was quite a battle and so scary. Then our son was diagnosed at age 13 months with Muscular Dystrophy. And lastly I can understand twins- because when my son was 3 and still in pullups and not walking yet- we were blessed with twin girls (fraternal) on Valentine's Day.
    I know prayer changes things and I will keep that sweet baby in my prayers and keep following you.
    Blessings -
    ScrappinAnn at gmail dot com


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