Thursday, March 3, 2011

This morning started out with Grayson's teachers coming over. I like that they come but I feel like they don't do much. They critique him on what he does well and point out all the things he doesn't or cant do. I hate that. It hurts to have someone sitting and comparing your child to everyone elses. He has a brain tumor...I'm just glad hes still here. I could care less if he isn't crawling like the other kids and isn't following the books. The thing that is bothering me is the fact that this tumor is messing with his nerves to him tongue and feeding is so hard. He tries, he really really tries to eat stage 1 & 2 foods but still no luck with it. I'm just thinking time will help with this and he will catch on.
The Twins had their 9 month check up yesterday. Things went good and they are both fairly healthy :)

Weight: 15lbs
* Two bottom teeth
*Drinking 6ozs of formula mixed with around 2-3 tbsp of cereal each bottle
*Loves the little gerber puffs to snack on (so cute watching her pick these up 
and put them in her mouth and chew on em).
*Babbles a lot
*Loves to be around me, and just watch what I am doing. If I'm not paying attention
to her she will let out a holler to get me looking her way and then she will just smile :)
*She is a daddy's girl at night, likes to snuggle with dad on the couch and watch TV
*Still sleeping good throughout the night! YAY!!

Weight: 18lbs 
*Working on 4 teeth right now, hes got 2 on the bottom and 2 coming in 
on top, hes crabby about this lol
*Drinking around 6-8ozs mixed with about 1tbsp of cereal per feeding
*Still not able to snack on the puffs yet :(
*Starting to babble and scream hehe
*Definitely a mama's boy!! If dad is holding him and he sees mommy
he will cry and reach for me <3
*He snuggles with mommy on the couch at night to fall asleep
*We just started sleeping in the crib, flat, 2 nights ago.
*Almost crawling, he will get on his tummy, push his arms to get his body up, and
then he can almost get up on his knees! ALMOST!! 
*Still such a happy boy <3

AND both of them have ear infections :( The doctor said that Emma's ear was super infected. The funny thing is is that Grayson has been the crabby one. Poor Emma, we had no idea she had this going on at all. She has been super playful and just happy. They are both on antibiotics and hopefully we will have a healthy family soon! We are all ready for spring/summer to come :)
The last 2 months on and off Wyatt has been running a temp. He seems to have a cold or at least cold symptoms with it so I just treat him as though that is what it is. It just seems odd that he keeps getting this fever back. There is a lot of junk going around though. Yuck! He started running a fever again last night. I am planning on calling our doctor in the morning to see if I can get him in to get looked at and looked at WELL! I will not leave until I have some pretty damn good answers as to why he keeps getting a fever. Lauren and Riley both are doing well in the health department lol, knock on wood! Laurens birthday is coming up and I'm kind of excited. I'm planning on taking her and Riley to get a manicure :) Yay for girly days <3 
Oh and today is my birthday! I am now proud to say I am 26 years old. I got flowers from my dad and step-mom and a card from my mom today along with lots of kisses from my kiddos and hubby and LOTS of happy birthday wishes from friends on facebook. Yes, I totally broke my rules and am still facebooking it up hehe! I will admit that today Ive had a lot of mixed feelings. I'm not sure why I feel like this today, but I feel sad. I wish Grayson was fine. I hate not knowing what is going to happen with him. The doctor yesterday asked how we are taking the news of having to sit and wait and watch this tumor and I lied and said we were doing fine. I guess it wasn't a total lie, some days I am fine with it. But days like today just suck. I look at the calendar only to count the days till the next MRI. I hate this. I know I shouldn't feel like this, but I do. I almost wish I had school work or something to keep me occupied and busy. I did buy ribbons and some crafty things to try and keep me busy and make some new hair bows for the girls but i don't know if it will work lol. I also have been really thinking of buying some small furniture things to do some of my own photography. Money is tight though, and I feel guilty buying things. Blah!

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  1. you are a supermom.... like my mom too. we are 5 and im the eldest.... i admire you a lot. for now, im still single and marrying soon.. hehehe


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