Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taking a break

Every day it seems like I do the same routine, which always seems to be logging into facebook. I guess its just really a habit that I would some how like to get control of or even break completely. I feel torn about this for a few reasons:
1. Facebook is my main way of keeping in contact with 
close close friends of mine and I love seeing updates.

2. I have friends that I talk to on the facebook chat 
that don't have texting on their phones so I will chat with 
them and end up browsing on facebook for hours! sad, I'm well aware lol!

3. I love seeing all the cute photo updates from friends. 
I mean who doesn't?! 

I hate this because:

1. Ill log on to post something quickly and before I know it I've spent a half hour reading everyone elses posts, and I have still posted nothing. 
2. A lot of the posts lately are super negative and I have a hard time sympathizing for people whom have a great life and happy healthy kids, but constantly post negative things about their lives. I for one choose to be happy, my life is no where near easy but I will always look for the positive side of things at all times possible. I was told by a friend the other day to stop being fake?!?! what? excuse me? She pointed out that I must sugar coat things and slap a fake smile on to always be happy. That is not how I am. I may hide some feelings that I don't want my kids to see, and if I'm doing this its because they are too young and do not understand but I will share these feeling with my husband later on. I don't feel its fair to my kids to have a sad and mad mommy walking around everyday. I sure didn't feel the need to explain myself to this girl but geesh. It really got me going! I am dealing with being a stay at home army wife, mother to 5 kids (3 under age 3 mind you), and being strong for the whole family while we live each day knowing that our precious little boy Grayson has a brain tumor in an inoperable location. ok ok, back to the topic hehe
3. I would love to accomplish more around the house, but the computer just seems to be more entertaining :P
4. I feel disappointed in myself. Is facebook really that important in my life? I mean don't get me wrong, my family and kiddos will always come first. But I log in a few times a day... :(

I have decided to go a few days with NO FACEBOOKING....i will try really hard :)
I'm kind of excited. I love blogging so much more than facebook anyhow and I'm going to push myself and see what kind of projects I can get done around the house.
BUT-I will be checking in on the Tiny Wings Auction to see how that is going! I am sooo happy for the Staats  family, we are all doing such an amazing job at raising all the money to help them. I really do feel honored to have had a little tiny hand in this. It makes me feel good doing this, and it is making me want to do more to help out other families. <3

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