Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sea Life

I am very happy to announce that Grayson has successfully ate breakfast 2 days in a row. Heck yes!!!

I didn't want to say anything yesterday in fear that I would jinx myself (even though I had posted it on facebook). But, like every morning, I sat him next to Emma while she ate and tried feeding him just like I always do. To my surprise he ate it! He acted like he was starving, which made me feel so bad because I'm sure he really wants to eat everyday like Emma but just cant. 

So, now that he ate yesterday and also today I am so excited! I'm hoping this isn't just going to be a fluke and he goes back to to choking like crazy.

I will still need to call the neurologist tomorrow and let him know that Grayson is sitting really slouchy. Even more today then yesterday. I hope its nothing. I really really hope this tumor hasn't grown more and his slouching is due to the tumor pushing on more nerves.

Even with all of this, I am still hopeful and praying for a miracle. I'm trying to keep myself busy making bows, and  trying to find a theme for the twins first birthday! I can not believe they are almost 1!! Sad, but so fun!

Lauren wearing her "birthday girl" pin" :)
So loved, and spoiled! Look at all those gifts 
So glad she liked the hot air balloon cupcake cake!
The twins keeping an eye on the cake, "nom nom nom nom"
At Sea Life
This little bugger scared the heck outta buddy! He was looking at the sea horses and all the sudden this thing darted at the glass and he let out this horrendous scream, and everyone jumped! LOL and the place was packed so it was kinda funny.
A horrible attempt at taking a group pic LMAO!
and yes, the grizzly hubby finally shaved yesterday morning!! YAY!!


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