Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Power of Prayer...

Grayson had another screaming "episode" this evening. It was really hard because when he does it, he wants to be held and yet he doesn't want to be touched. Its so hard for me to hold him and hear him screaming like that and not be able to do anything. This is one thing that makes me feel good about the MRI being tomorrow.
My husband is on his way home early from drill! YAY! oh thank god! I really don't know how I would have held up tomorrow if he couldn't have been there with me.

But all the kids are sleeping now and so off to bed I shall go too. My dad and step mom should be here in the morning and I will need to get up early to get things straightened up a little bit and of course write down all the lovely instructions that come with my children. LOL. Mostly Lauren. She tries to get away with a million things when someone else is here!

Really really scared and super nervous for tomorrow...I can think of things to avoid thinking about the MRI and everything but then I come right back to it and feel sick to my stomach.

Please...I really do believe in the power of Prayer...So if you get the chance, say a little prayer for our Grayson that we get answers tomorrow. I just don't want him suffering like this anymore. The more people praying might just bring us a miracle by tomorrow <3


  1. Hi: I found your blog and Grayson story from Krystal's blog. I'm so so sorry for you all. My prayer tonight is for Grayson and all of you. Bless you.

  2. I found your blog through Krystal's :) I'm so sorry to hear about your baby boy! My 4 mo old has been in the hospital for the past week w/ RSV. As a mommy I definitely know how hard it is to see your little one hurting My prayers are with Grayson, you & the rest of your family!!!!


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