Monday, March 21, 2011

The neurologist never called back. I was going to call them but just was afraid to. Im sure they will call eventually and if not then I guess we will be headed in on next Wednesday like originally planned. 
I just keep thinking about what he said on the phone, that there might be more cancer. This just sucks...hes just a baby.
We are trying to stay positive, but its hard. So tomorrow, the twins will turn 10 months old and we are going to try and have a little party for them lol. maybe i will make some cupcakes or something and if I can pry myself from holding and playing with Grayson all day i might get some decorations up. So, yes, we are celebrating Happy 10 Months :)
Its sure been a play on all my emotions the last few days. My eyes are tired. I dont feel tired, not more then normal..but my eyes themselves are tired. I have to fight to keep them open!
 Grayson hung out with me while I made this bow today. He just sat and talked to me, he loves watching me cook or do things, and dad said its ok now.
I want to ask the neuro-oncologist when we go see her if she thinks it will be ok for Grayson to fly. I think that it will cause pressure or pain from the brain tumor. So I think even if she says it shouldnt bother him that I wouldnt be ok with him doing so. Therefore, our trip to St. Judes will be a road trip. I think when I googled it, it was around 13 hours there. So need to start saving some money since gas is so damn expensive! 
oh, and there was a big misunderstanding on the drill situation. He still has to go :(
And Thank You to everyone that is praying for Grayson and supporting us. It means so much to us.


  1. thank you, it means a lot to have so many people saying a little prayer

  2. hi! im your follower and you have a wonderful family... will include grayson in my prayer and to ur family...

  3. saw your post on babycenter and came to your blog. I'm so sorry that you and your family have to go through this. I will surely keep you in my prayers. My grandmother belongs to pray group and the 700 club i will let her know as well so that a pray message will go out.

    PS i could only list as anonymous but my name is Rhianna


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