Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last night Grayson had another one of his crying/screaming fits. It was horrible, nothing we did made him happy. I think it lasted around an hour and then he finally fell asleep. I hate when he has them because I feel completely helpless and its hard on everyone. 
This morning we were up bright and early to get Riley off to school and then headed straight to St. Paul to Gillette for Grayson's EEG and lab work. I wasn't really worried about it until we pulled into the parking lot then I started to feel sad. -Venting about parking lot- It sucks that we have to pay for parking! ok done venting lol.
I was just praying that he would cooperate during the EEG and not scream and cry for the whole thing. Well they hooked him up and I must say he did an awesome job while the lady parked his head with a red marker/pencil and Wyatt thought this was neat. So, I'm thinking he took notes and I wont be surprised if he draws all over the babies one of these days hahaha. 
Grayson did ok for most of the EEG test. It lasted 45 minutes once they got him ready and he wasn't very happy that he had things on his head so he kept trying to take them off. I got to lay on the bed and hold him so I felt better about that and I think it helped comfort him as well.
Then we headed down to Lab to get his blood drawn for some testing. Jesse wanted to go in with Grayson so I stayed in the waiting room with the other kids. I wasn't so sure if I would be ok with that but Jesse seemed like he really wanted to take him so I said that he could. Once they called him back I was so worried. Of course, right away you could hear blood curdling screams and I knew it was Grayson.....umm i was freaking out completely!! I was wondering if i should go back there and rescue him or just let Jesse handle it. I was 2 seconds from getting up when an old lady walked in and sat by us. She started talking to me right away and asked if I had twins...we had the double stroller so I think that gave it away lol. She was telling me that she had 2 sets of twins...eight kids in 6 years!! So she said she knows how crazy things can get lol. 
Then I was just going to get up and head back to get my baby when Jesse came back, ugh I felt sooo relieved he was back. He said Grayson wasn't even crying and screaming from the poke, he just didn't want to be held down. Which is understandable. I think by then he just didn't want anyone around him touching him at all! 
So now we are home and still don't know the results of the EEG. I hope we find out tomorrow...I just hate waiting. I took a little nap on the couch after we got home. I just am not feeling well at all. I think all this stress is breaking me down and making me sick. Id like to head to bed early but ill be doing laundry for a while tonight :/

After the EEG, you can see the marks on his forehead and his crazy hair lol
~~Still Praying for a Miracle~~

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  1. You are so much stronger than you think you are! Keep the faith, Jess, you are doing a great job!! Thinking of you always.

    P.S. I love Grayson's big blue eyes!!!! :) <3


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