Friday, March 11, 2011

I feel bad, I want to keep up with blogging but the kids sure keep me busy and I am super tired come the end of the day.
Some updates:
*Grayson seems to be "regressing"...he can almost crawl yet has a hard time just sitting now. He slouches forward and will sometimes bend at the knees for support forming a "Y" shape. His teacher noticed this and suggested we let the neurologist know this because it could mean that the tumor has grown and is pushing on more nerves. UGH! I can't even put in words how this makes me feel. Its almost like it messes with my whole life. It changes my mood towards everything and makes me nervous and scared for him. But still hopeful, I guess because I have to be. It helps me get through the days.
*Another screaming episode last night. It started around 7pm, while I was busy making cupcakes for Lauren's birthday today. Had to stop because Grayson just wasn't sure who he wanted to hold him and with Emma and Wyatt sleeping I had to do what I could to calm him down. He ended up just crying himself to sleep in his swing. He didn't want to be held, it seems like when he gets in the screaming fits he doesnt really know what he wants. :(
*Emma has found her belly LOL. She hasnt been wearing a shirt during the day because shes got a little rash on her neck. Its from milk getting trapped under her bibs that we got from target, the ones with the plastic backing! ugh! Anyways, when she's sitting on the floor she will slap her belly and laugh LOL. I tried to get video this morning but it turned out to dark. hahah it makes me laugh just thinking about it, silly girl :P
*Wyatt LOVES COPS. like the show cops...and seeing cops. I think we are raising a little cop in the making! He walks around singing "bad boys, bad boys, whatchu  gonna do when they come for u?!" Also, if one of the girls makes him made he will say "put hands behind back! going to jail!" LMAO! 
Some of Wyatts Words:
*Mit Meal=oatmeal
*Juica Pop= juice mixed with water

BUT today is Lauren's 5th Birthday! I need to get things decorated a bit, and I must say...her birthday creeped up so fast and I am very unprepared. I wanted to make some cute homemade decorations (banner, tablerunner...) but havent had time. I am going to make a simple cupcake cake and pray it turns out. I am not skilled in the baking department! :)

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