Saturday, March 26, 2011

Did a lot of driving today! I met my dad and step mom in Brainerd and they took the older 3 kiddos for the week. I just feel sooo lost when some of the kids are gone lol. At least the babies were good in the car LOL. The other kids fought like crazy...whats new? When I was saying good byes to the kids Buddy told me, "I wuv you mom, neat jeans!" and I'll explain..."neat jeans" means "sweet dreams" LOL we always tell him "sweet dreams" when we put him in bed for the night. Hes so funny! I already miss them...can you tell?! LOL

On the way home the twins slept the whole time! It was nice, but quiet! Not so much when we got home though. I'm not sure what got into them, maybe tired of being in the car seats for so long...or missed the other kids already but man...they just were crabby as can be. Both of them crying and crying! Doesn't help that for some reason they both are constipated now! I'm not sure why either. I noticed the filter light just turned yellow (not even red yet) so maybe its enough of a change in the water to mess with their bellies. Poor babies :(

Well, I have to try and keep myself busy doing things these next few days. Its like its a countdown until Wednesday-the trip to see the neuro-oncologist. I'm so nervous! I want to see her and see what she has to say, but at the same time I don't want to know. I don't want anymore bad news at this point. Feeling really tired...really really tired!

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