Friday, February 25, 2011

Today has been really....stressful! Grayson is teething and getting a tooth in on the top and also a bottom side tooth so he is NOT a happy camper. Hes making sure we ALL know this hah! Wyatt is taking a nap for the first time in weeks, I swear. It is a much needed nap for him, he has been going full blast all day (week?) and has been getting very naughty. Getting into things he knows he shouldnt ahem, the guy toys...ps3, Wii, dvd's, all that kind of goodness and expensiveness~ 
Well here are some photos of our days recently. Daddy was home for a few days and even though we didnt accomplish much we did at least snap a few pics :)
 All 5 of my beautiful kiddos!!
 Daddy & Emma B
 It seems that Emma got more mad as the pictures were taken, and Grayson got happier? LOL silly kids
 The boys just hanging out watching "Mickey House"
 And the girls :) (riley is at school)
 Grayson snuggling with the new blankie I made for those nights of being stuck downstairs with a crying baby
Got my inspiration from Aesthetic Nest
She made a larger one then shown (i think it was 45x60). Mine is 40x60 and I feel its plenty big enough :)
And this is bacon wrapped meatloaf before it entered the oven oh and before the sauce on top was added. I HAD to take a pic. Who the heck doesnt love bacon wrapped meatloaf??!! crazy good idea from Pioneer Woman <3 her recipes! <3 <3

So I have been doing things here and there (cooking, little sewing, oh and working on a new shirt for Riley at the moment-got to love Goodwill on Thursday-all the childrens clothes and toys are half off) 


  1. Your kids are so adorable! Can't believe how big they are getting. I showed Mark the pic of the bacon-covered meatloaf and he said...."mmmmm, that looks good, I bet that's really good!!!" LOL.

    Anyway, hope you are well. Talk to ya soon!

  2. LOL yeah I was looking at recipes and i came across this and thought, hmm bacon wrapped meatloaf...i will click there for more details lol. Im not a meatloaf fan but i thought it was ok. I cant really eat much pork so the bacon was a little much, but everyone else loved it!
    and thank ya ;)