Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tin can make over

I have been slowly trying to get this house organized. One of the things on my list was to figure out a plan of attack for all of my random pens, markers, scissors that I have scattered throughout my bedroom/craft area!
So here is what I did this morning. The idea clicked while cleaning up the kitchen last night and tossing things in the recycling bin.

Super cute :)

 Started with a tin can, some craft paper, glue (glue gun!!), ribbon of some sort, flower, and buttons
 I layed the can on its side to see how much the width of the paper would need to be and cut from that measurement onto some cute and spring friendly paper I had in my paper stash. Had to trim some off the end also because It almost wrapped around the can twice lol. Glued that onto the can, added the ribbon around the top, and glued the flower in place.

The picture of adding the button onto the flower wouldn't upload but you can see what it looks like in the first pic. Super cute and sooo easy! Makes me smile every time i look at it! :)

Buddy "helped" mom, hes so silly. Some of his quotes:
"I knew it"
"I hungry for a barana mom" yes banana is baRana!
He has many but those are the 2 that stick out in my mind lol. Such a cute little boy. 

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