Sunday, February 27, 2011

In loving Memory of Maddie

The girls wearing their bows in honor of Maddie.
Please stop by and read the blog. Its just heartbreaking, but the parents are super amazing and strong as can be. We are praying for their strength and happiness.
Every child is a blessing...we are blessed with 5 amazing children and I will 
admit that it still hurts now then to think that Grayson's tumor
might start growing or already is and we just don't know it, and the fact that
we might lose him before he even has a chance to live a full life. 
Our goal is to make it a happy day everyday. We don't know what the future holds
for him but we are just so blessed to have known him. He laughs all the time and never goes a minute without his big ole Grayson Smile on lol. He makes you happy just looking at him!

I also made a new tutu and onesie (added some ruffle to it) and the headband is also made by  ME 

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