Friday, February 18, 2011

I am soo in the organization mood lately! I had seen something similar to this a while ago while blog hopping and for the life of me can not find this again. But this is my version that i came up with and we love it! So nice to get all the headbands and clippys up and off the counters, from under the couch, under beds and well u get the idea. These things end up everywhere! Now they finally have a home :D

The hair clip holder is made out of a picture frame. I found the picture frame at Joann Fabrics in the clearance isle for $3. I then tore it apart and got down to just the frame. The only part i wanted LOL! It was cute on its own, it was a dark brown but i like white lately. Just makes things seem cleaner and brighter, so I spray painted it white.

Then I took the cardboard piece that came with the frame and covered it with batting and fabric

Then I took this ribbon that I found at Michaels with super cute ruffles on it and did some playing around and this glitter ribbon I had fit perfectly down the center of the pink YAY! 

I super glued the ends of the ribbon down together and then used my scrapbook thinger to tack the rest of the ribbon down along the way.

 I found this little wood princess crown at Michaels also, painted and ready to go! I added some bling of course hehe :)

 ok, i super glued the ribbons, wrapping them around my board as so
 oooooh aaaahhhhh looking good ;)
 Now, I put the frame on and its soo cute! I glued the crown to the top of the frame.
 This is what it looks like all set up in the bathroom. I just LOVE it!! Super Cute and now all the little hair clippys and headbands have a little home :)
The headband hanger was also bought at Michaels and spray painted white too :)


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  2. thank you!! Ive been so busy lately and it seems the kids rarely give me a chance to sit down let alone do something productive. Hope to have some more things up the next few days :)