Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guess it has been a while since I've been on here to blog about things! I'll just update a little bit before my kids wake up. 
So far it seems that our daily routine is actually starting to become...well...Routine! It may not be a great one, or one that I like even at that, but hey it works for now!~
Our day goes a little something like this:
4:45am - hubby leaves for work, therefore I'm awake
5:00am--Grayson or Emma or BOTH are awake
5-530am--feeding changing twins, making coffee & bottles and throw a load of laundry in
5:30-6:30am--"free time" still not sure what that means. I chug coffee here and maybe sneak some food in
6:30am--Wyatt and the girls are awake
7am-breakfast for twins and kiddos
7:30-cleaning breakfast tornado and get Wyatt to watch some cartoons....maybe
8am-twins are ready for naps but never seem to nap together
9:30-10-30am--work with grayson on sitting and his stretching
11-12pm--twins need another bottle, make lunch, more coffee, remember laundry that needs to be switched, get lunched served
1-2pm-more cleaning, laundry, vacuum, dishes, feeding twins
2-3pm- hope the kids are being nice, Wyatt is up from nap time, and i usually try and do my hair or at least sneak a shower in
3:15pm--hubby is home (if i haven't had him stop at the grocery store on the way home), if we have errands to do then we pack up the kids and that usually takes around half hour to 45 mins. twins usually hungry around this time also
5:30-6pm--dinner, we try to make it the same time every night. 
7pm-cleaning up dinner, getting Wyatt in bed, twins are eating
8pm--chilling on the couch, usually with a baby in my arms and soon off to bed to repeat this the next day

so you can imagine how things get outta hand when I need to go to the grocery store with all 5 kids myself, or anything for that matter~!

On last Wednesday, Grayson had a OT come to the house. We have been telling them we need him to see a PT! Yet we still haven't seen one! Well this lady just looked at him, marked things off on her checklist of things he can and cant do. Ugh just irritates me! Don't come to my house and point out things that he cant do, and then turn around and say you cant help him with that, that he will need to see a PT. Um, yes I'm well aware. Ive been telling you people this from day one and so has the neurologist! But, I'm happy to say that I work with him for at least an hour a day, at least! I usually sneak in some more time towards the end of the day to help get him sitting. I am very proud to say that Grayson can sit unattended now!! He couldnt do this just last week. YAY!!! just amazing how he is fighting against this tumor! 
Have a lot of things going through my mind right now. I let my x claim Riley (even though we lost out on some money on our end). I'm kind of sad to say I did it as a test! I'm not sure, but I've been told that him and his gf bought a hot tub. hmmm, I must be going about this tax return thing the wrong way. We haven't got ours yet, but we are going to get new furniture for the kids bedrooms (new toy box, shelving and such). Guess I just don't feel right spending a huge amount of money on myself or something that we all wont benefit from. Or maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way. I'm not sure...
But on a whole different note GO PACKERS!!!! Today is Superbowl !!!!!!!! Hell yes!!!! :D

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