Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tiny Wings Auction!!!

The girls and I made some tutus that we donated to Tiny Wings Auction which is hosted by Polka Dot Junkie by Megan Green. She did such an amazing job setting up this auction to help raise funds for the Staats family. I can not imagine what they are going through right now. Our hearts go out to them.

These are the cute tutus we made! glad we could help :)

Grayson had a hand in making the pink one hehe! he was on the floor right next to me grabbing at all the tulle lol!
It was soo funny watching his face everytime he touched it, looking at me like is 
this ok mom? and why does it feel so crazy!?! lol
Oh sillly Grayon!

In loving Memory of Maddie

The girls wearing their bows in honor of Maddie.
Please stop by and read the blog. Its just heartbreaking, but the parents are super amazing and strong as can be. We are praying for their strength and happiness.
Every child is a blessing...we are blessed with 5 amazing children and I will 
admit that it still hurts now then to think that Grayson's tumor
might start growing or already is and we just don't know it, and the fact that
we might lose him before he even has a chance to live a full life. 
Our goal is to make it a happy day everyday. We don't know what the future holds
for him but we are just so blessed to have known him. He laughs all the time and never goes a minute without his big ole Grayson Smile on lol. He makes you happy just looking at him!

I also made a new tutu and onesie (added some ruffle to it) and the headband is also made by  ME 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Today has been really....stressful! Grayson is teething and getting a tooth in on the top and also a bottom side tooth so he is NOT a happy camper. Hes making sure we ALL know this hah! Wyatt is taking a nap for the first time in weeks, I swear. It is a much needed nap for him, he has been going full blast all day (week?) and has been getting very naughty. Getting into things he knows he shouldnt ahem, the guy toys...ps3, Wii, dvd's, all that kind of goodness and expensiveness~ 
Well here are some photos of our days recently. Daddy was home for a few days and even though we didnt accomplish much we did at least snap a few pics :)
 All 5 of my beautiful kiddos!!
 Daddy & Emma B
 It seems that Emma got more mad as the pictures were taken, and Grayson got happier? LOL silly kids
 The boys just hanging out watching "Mickey House"
 And the girls :) (riley is at school)
 Grayson snuggling with the new blankie I made for those nights of being stuck downstairs with a crying baby
Got my inspiration from Aesthetic Nest
She made a larger one then shown (i think it was 45x60). Mine is 40x60 and I feel its plenty big enough :)
And this is bacon wrapped meatloaf before it entered the oven oh and before the sauce on top was added. I HAD to take a pic. Who the heck doesnt love bacon wrapped meatloaf??!! crazy good idea from Pioneer Woman <3 her recipes! <3 <3

So I have been doing things here and there (cooking, little sewing, oh and working on a new shirt for Riley at the moment-got to love Goodwill on Thursday-all the childrens clothes and toys are half off) 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things have been pretty crazy around here. Emma has been waking up the last few nights crying and just being whiny. She does that for like maybe 2 or 3 minutes and then goes back to sleep and does this around every 45 minutes to an hour and half. She doesn't want to eat or anything really just does the whining and wakes me up then she goes right back to sleep. I don't feel any teeth so I'm not sure whats going on with her.
Wyatt has been coughing and running a fever again. Can pneumonia come back?? Not sure but I have the Vic's out and man do I love that smell!! YUM! 
Grayson is cutting his third tooth! I felt it yesterday finally after a few not so happy days of him crying with swollen gums :( 
Grayson has also started shaking his head, almost like you would to say "no" and I'm not sure if he just learned to do this or if its something more to do with the tumor. He just does it at such odd times and he won't keep doing it, like if he was copying someone. If you wave he will copy you and do it back, same with if you open your mouth big and wide while looking at him. So, need to give the neurologist a heads up on this new "development."
Also Grayson doesn't need to see a physical therapist anymore. He will continue to see a teacher and an occupational therapist each week. He is also going to be set up with a person that helps with food (him swallowing), I don't remember what they are called. He has trouble with his tongue muscles. The neurologist said its more then likely from where the tumor is sitting, because breathing and eating/swallowing nerves are all right there.
On a good note-The twins are 9 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!! Yikes!! My babies are getting so big! I will try and get pictures up later on today! Need to get back in the swing of things and keep this blog updated more :P

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am soo in the organization mood lately! I had seen something similar to this a while ago while blog hopping and for the life of me can not find this again. But this is my version that i came up with and we love it! So nice to get all the headbands and clippys up and off the counters, from under the couch, under beds and well u get the idea. These things end up everywhere! Now they finally have a home :D

The hair clip holder is made out of a picture frame. I found the picture frame at Joann Fabrics in the clearance isle for $3. I then tore it apart and got down to just the frame. The only part i wanted LOL! It was cute on its own, it was a dark brown but i like white lately. Just makes things seem cleaner and brighter, so I spray painted it white.

Then I took the cardboard piece that came with the frame and covered it with batting and fabric

Then I took this ribbon that I found at Michaels with super cute ruffles on it and did some playing around and this glitter ribbon I had fit perfectly down the center of the pink YAY! 

I super glued the ends of the ribbon down together and then used my scrapbook thinger to tack the rest of the ribbon down along the way.

 I found this little wood princess crown at Michaels also, painted and ready to go! I added some bling of course hehe :)

 ok, i super glued the ribbons, wrapping them around my board as so
 oooooh aaaahhhhh looking good ;)
 Now, I put the frame on and its soo cute! I glued the crown to the top of the frame.
 This is what it looks like all set up in the bathroom. I just LOVE it!! Super Cute and now all the little hair clippys and headbands have a little home :)
The headband hanger was also bought at Michaels and spray painted white too :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tin can make over

I have been slowly trying to get this house organized. One of the things on my list was to figure out a plan of attack for all of my random pens, markers, scissors that I have scattered throughout my bedroom/craft area!
So here is what I did this morning. The idea clicked while cleaning up the kitchen last night and tossing things in the recycling bin.

Super cute :)

 Started with a tin can, some craft paper, glue (glue gun!!), ribbon of some sort, flower, and buttons
 I layed the can on its side to see how much the width of the paper would need to be and cut from that measurement onto some cute and spring friendly paper I had in my paper stash. Had to trim some off the end also because It almost wrapped around the can twice lol. Glued that onto the can, added the ribbon around the top, and glued the flower in place.

The picture of adding the button onto the flower wouldn't upload but you can see what it looks like in the first pic. Super cute and sooo easy! Makes me smile every time i look at it! :)

Buddy "helped" mom, hes so silly. Some of his quotes:
"I knew it"
"I hungry for a barana mom" yes banana is baRana!
He has many but those are the 2 that stick out in my mind lol. Such a cute little boy. 
Guess it has been a while since I've been on here to blog about things! I'll just update a little bit before my kids wake up. 
So far it seems that our daily routine is actually starting to become...well...Routine! It may not be a great one, or one that I like even at that, but hey it works for now!~
Our day goes a little something like this:
4:45am - hubby leaves for work, therefore I'm awake
5:00am--Grayson or Emma or BOTH are awake
5-530am--feeding changing twins, making coffee & bottles and throw a load of laundry in
5:30-6:30am--"free time" still not sure what that means. I chug coffee here and maybe sneak some food in
6:30am--Wyatt and the girls are awake
7am-breakfast for twins and kiddos
7:30-cleaning breakfast tornado and get Wyatt to watch some cartoons....maybe
8am-twins are ready for naps but never seem to nap together
9:30-10-30am--work with grayson on sitting and his stretching
11-12pm--twins need another bottle, make lunch, more coffee, remember laundry that needs to be switched, get lunched served
1-2pm-more cleaning, laundry, vacuum, dishes, feeding twins
2-3pm- hope the kids are being nice, Wyatt is up from nap time, and i usually try and do my hair or at least sneak a shower in
3:15pm--hubby is home (if i haven't had him stop at the grocery store on the way home), if we have errands to do then we pack up the kids and that usually takes around half hour to 45 mins. twins usually hungry around this time also
5:30-6pm--dinner, we try to make it the same time every night. 
7pm-cleaning up dinner, getting Wyatt in bed, twins are eating
8pm--chilling on the couch, usually with a baby in my arms and soon off to bed to repeat this the next day

so you can imagine how things get outta hand when I need to go to the grocery store with all 5 kids myself, or anything for that matter~!

On last Wednesday, Grayson had a OT come to the house. We have been telling them we need him to see a PT! Yet we still haven't seen one! Well this lady just looked at him, marked things off on her checklist of things he can and cant do. Ugh just irritates me! Don't come to my house and point out things that he cant do, and then turn around and say you cant help him with that, that he will need to see a PT. Um, yes I'm well aware. Ive been telling you people this from day one and so has the neurologist! But, I'm happy to say that I work with him for at least an hour a day, at least! I usually sneak in some more time towards the end of the day to help get him sitting. I am very proud to say that Grayson can sit unattended now!! He couldnt do this just last week. YAY!!! just amazing how he is fighting against this tumor! 
Have a lot of things going through my mind right now. I let my x claim Riley (even though we lost out on some money on our end). I'm kind of sad to say I did it as a test! I'm not sure, but I've been told that him and his gf bought a hot tub. hmmm, I must be going about this tax return thing the wrong way. We haven't got ours yet, but we are going to get new furniture for the kids bedrooms (new toy box, shelving and such). Guess I just don't feel right spending a huge amount of money on myself or something that we all wont benefit from. Or maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way. I'm not sure...
But on a whole different note GO PACKERS!!!! Today is Superbowl !!!!!!!! Hell yes!!!! :D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fabric paper rosette tutorial

Happy Tuesday!! So, I wasn't thinking and totally forgot to charge my camera last night! I did make a few cute CUTE things that I had on my list of crafty things to try and make. Ones that Ive come across on other blogs. 
How cute is this video!! Helped me make a fabric flower to add to one of the girls shirts or possibly a headband! Also super cute for scrapbooking!

Hope to get some pics up later today of the cute flower I made :)

Promise to self

Dear self, I promise to always be a light for my children, even on days that feel incredibly hard. To encourage every bit of their hearts ...