Monday, January 17, 2011

Well hello all!! Been awhile since I've been on here to blog. I must say a lot has changed around our house in the last few weeks. First off, I will start a few weeks back. We had a really nice Christmas as a family up north in Warroad, MN (my hometown). It was so nice to hang out with my family, ALL of my family! Spent Christmas Eve at my dad's house and just had a very relaxing day.

The older 3 kids went to their dad's house on Christmas morning and the hubby, the twins, and I went to Two Harbors, MN and spent the night at a lodge. It was soo beautiful!!

Got all the kids back home on Sunday, January 2nd!! Felt so good to just have everyone back under one roof, and the kids were excited too because Santa had stopped at the house while they were gone :)
On January 5th Grayson (my 7 month old son AKA one of the twins) had to have a MRI done. He has some shaking in his hands and legs, and after seeing a neurologist we were informed that Grayson may have had a stroke at some point. SCARY! The neurologist said we could go ahead and do the MRI and see if thats what happened-causing the right sided weakness and also the shaking, or we could just assume that happened and just get Grayson in some physical therapy to get him stronger. The hubby and I just wanted to know so we went ahead and did the MRI. UGH! sooo sad seeing your baby get sedated...just such a horrible feeling.
But everything seemed to have went well during the MRI and the tech came and told us while we were in the waiting room that they had to do a contrast also so thats why it was taking longer then normal. So deep down I knew they found something, but of course no one was allowed to say anything to us. We were told we had to wait until the neurologist gave us a call....yay i love waiting, NOT! 
Grayson woke up and the very first thing he did was smile at me :)

On Friday January 7th, the nurse called us from the neurologists office and informed us he was out of the office until the next week. But a few hours later the neurologist called us anyway to let us know that they had found a tumor on Grayson's brain stem.
Hmm..still not sure how I feel about saying or writing that. He seems fine to me besides his shaking hands and the fact that he cannot sit unattended.
We dont seem to have much support from family at this point. The hubby and I are thinking that they are scared that they will say the wrong things possibly? But we are trying to stay strong for our little family and also for each other. Grayson has a doctor appt. with his neurologist the Wednesday...Im really nervous about going. Part of me doesnt even want to go. I dont know that i can take more bad news at this point!

                                Our little miracle, he has been fighting to be here since conception
                               and will continue to fight this tumor! GRAYSON WE  LOVE YOU!!

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