Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things have been a little crazy around here these last few days. On Saturday the hubby came home early from drill and I took Wyatt to the ER. Turned out he has pneumonia. Ugh, my poor little boy! He's just been really lethargic over the weekend and sleeping alot. He seems to be doing much better today now that he's been on the meds. Back to being his curious 2yr old self for the most part.
The twins seem to have a cold now-sure hope the pneumonia isn't spreading! Ive been disinfecting this place as much as i can to avoid that. Although i think its mostly spread through bodily fluid contact? Obviously I didnt listen to closely to the doctor.
On a good note, Ive got the hubby for the next 3 days!! Ive already put him to work building a storage cubicle thingy that I had him pick up from target. Trying to organize this place because it is driving me crazy. Making me feel so clostrophobic. Oh, that and Ive been watching hoarders, that show is super nasty and makes me want to clean my house top to bottom till all hours of the night and throw things we dont use!! Not a bad thing right? The hubby gets so mad when I watch that show LOL! But i figure if it motivates me to clean he should be buying me the series on dvd hahahah!!!
OHHH I almost forgot!! Silly me....the twins turned 8 months old on Saturday the 22nd!!! Growing fast :'(

                                             Wyatt kept saying "go to Army to see Jesse"
 We also were creative and made a Valentine's box for Riley. She made a girl dragon. Turned out so cute, now tell me you've seen a cute 1st grade Valentine's Day box?! So proud of her. She did almost all of the work herself. I supervised of course :)

 Hurry up Dad!! He got home around 4...just in time to watch the Packers-his favorite team-WIN!!!

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