Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not sure what is going on, but it appears Mr. Grayson has lost his voice! He cant really cry even. oooh my poor little buddy :(
Well yesterday was a really fun day! Hubby's sister, brother, niece, nephew all stopped over for a visit. It was so nice to see them all again. I just love getting together with family!
We all went out for dinner at BWW and it was delicious. I was so worried that with all 5 kiddos in BWW it was going to be a disaster, but it actually turned out OK! I think it helped that we had the other family there to help us with the kids hehe :)
Last night was another sleepless night BLAH! Woke up this morning with the starting of a migraine! Quick popped some Excedrin migraine so I really hope I caught it in time or I'm seriously S.O.L. Also chuggin some coffee here right now hah! Need to get caffined up to stay alive around all these kids. Even thinking of attempting to go to walmart! Yes, im well aware of how packed Walmart is going to be...especially on a Sunday. Maybe...just maybe we will go. Otherwise I will wait till the hubby gets home from work and then head there myself. When I do that though it seems every time I find myself across the street at Joann's looking and buying fabric lol. :) seem this super cute tutorial for making your own dish towels which we are always in need of so its reason to go fabric shopping...right? I think so anyways!
I don't know if I've posted recently about Graysons doctor appts. He is scheduled to go in on February 16th again for his head measurements and weight and all that and then also to have his leg and foot looked at. Hopefully his PT can make it this week so we can get started on all this. He needs to get stronger asap the neurologist said in case this tumor starts pushing on more nerves. I just really hope we can get him strong enough to sit up on his own. I work with him daily on this but still no progress. Think those nerves are being blocked :(
Well off to start my day :)

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