Friday, January 21, 2011

Hubby has drill this weekend, ugh! Which means lots more stress put on me as far as taking care of all 5 kids, the meals, the cleaning blah blah blah!  But at least the time around drill is at the home location so he gets to come home at night :) 
Today was actually a really good day!! Did some crafty things with Lauren while Riley was at school and the twins were napping. Wyatt was even well behaved during this!! Made a cupcake onesie for Emma and some new cute-as-can-be leg warmers. 

Oh, and recently we have been adding cereal/oatmeal to the twins' bottles at feedings now so it  helps them sleep longer during nap time YAY lol now I can TRY and get things done around the house. 
Grayson has been doing really good with his "crawling" around the house. He doesn't actually crawl but he sure tries! He will get himself up on his left knee and tries super hard to get the right knee up, but it just doesn't cooperate with him :( But like I said, he will manage to find a way to get across the room if he sees something he really wants! Like buddy's little toys...or mom's decorations! He's so determined, which I think is just amazing. He is not letting anything slow him down :)

                               Over was a great day :D

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