Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!!! Today has been a very productive day thus far...and its not even 1pm! Heck yes, go me!!! :)
Well, I have had a pot of coffee to myself today. Last night was a night from hell. Seriously! The twins were brought into the clinic yesterday to find out they both have "rip-roaring" ear infections :( My poor babies. They were both inconsolable last night. Being the nice and awesome wife I am, I spent the night downstairs on the couch rocking Grayson so the hubby could sleep in the room. Didn't really matter what I did, Grayson was just not feeling well and he was letting me know it!.
SO on and hour and half of sleep I must say today is really going much better then I had expected! Ive cleaned the house top to bottom, and even had time to get a little crafty thing in. Took around 20 minutes.
Here it is:
Cute Valentines Frame-that really could double as just an adorable all year round frame! 
                    I started with the plain wood frame I found at Michaels. 
 Next, I picked out a piece of scrap fabric I had. I traced around the frame leaving about an inch extra around it so that I would have enough to fold over the frame to glue down.
 I cut out the middle of the fabric piece and then went and glued the fabric to the back of the frame.
 It was cute by itself-just the fabric covering it, but I decided to add an off white rose that I had.
 I cut off the stem, and took the layers apart and glued them down separately to the frame.
                                      This is how it's looking
 Then I took some black felt and this frame didn't come with a glass piece so I just used the cardboard piece it came with and used it to support the felt in place.
                                 This is what we have so far...
 I had a foam red heart from a Valentine Kit I also got at Michaels. I added texture by cutting out a smaller white heart out of felt adding more color and contrast. 



  1. Very creative! I think it's adorable. You are inspiring me to do some crafting. Have plans to craft with "C" this weekend. She absolutely loves to do anything crafty! Thanks for sharing this with us! Love it!

  2. Thank you :)
    Lauren and I made this up quick since the other 3 kiddos are napping! Glad you like :D