Saturday, January 29, 2011

As a mother of 5, and also the wife of an army man, I rarely get time to myself. Not only that, but I rarely buy things for just me. When I get to go out shopping it never fails, I will come home with bags of goodies for everyone except me. 
Well I'm feeling a little out of it and almost lost. Last night I put on fake nails, which I'd say for the first time in 6 months. So I feel amazing and super girly haha!!! LOVE IT! And also kinda miss it. I'm adding things to "Mommy's Wish list" that's for sure ;)
Look at this swimming suit! Frickin awesome!! I always seem to look for a suit i will feel comfortable in while keeping my goods in check and also not showing things that I no longer am comfortable flaunting now that I tote around 5 kiddos. So going to start saving for this one. Looks like a keeper! Can you tell I have spring fever, and that I'm totally sick of winter? lol
Oh and also totally in a decent price range!! Even more to love about this "find!"
Island Fever Sport Tankini

thought this looked really cute as a cover up but spendy. Might be a project for me at home? we will see 

totally luv this scarf, and the jacket, and well the whole look!! pweese can I have it?? lol

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