Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not sure what is going on, but it appears Mr. Grayson has lost his voice! He cant really cry even. oooh my poor little buddy :(
Well yesterday was a really fun day! Hubby's sister, brother, niece, nephew all stopped over for a visit. It was so nice to see them all again. I just love getting together with family!
We all went out for dinner at BWW and it was delicious. I was so worried that with all 5 kiddos in BWW it was going to be a disaster, but it actually turned out OK! I think it helped that we had the other family there to help us with the kids hehe :)
Last night was another sleepless night BLAH! Woke up this morning with the starting of a migraine! Quick popped some Excedrin migraine so I really hope I caught it in time or I'm seriously S.O.L. Also chuggin some coffee here right now hah! Need to get caffined up to stay alive around all these kids. Even thinking of attempting to go to walmart! Yes, im well aware of how packed Walmart is going to be...especially on a Sunday. Maybe...just maybe we will go. Otherwise I will wait till the hubby gets home from work and then head there myself. When I do that though it seems every time I find myself across the street at Joann's looking and buying fabric lol. :) seem this super cute tutorial for making your own dish towels which we are always in need of so its reason to go fabric shopping...right? I think so anyways!
I don't know if I've posted recently about Graysons doctor appts. He is scheduled to go in on February 16th again for his head measurements and weight and all that and then also to have his leg and foot looked at. Hopefully his PT can make it this week so we can get started on all this. He needs to get stronger asap the neurologist said in case this tumor starts pushing on more nerves. I just really hope we can get him strong enough to sit up on his own. I work with him daily on this but still no progress. Think those nerves are being blocked :(
Well off to start my day :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

OK I did some looking around and Ive found my version of this outfit I said I loved earlier today.

Paula Bianco Wrap Scarf in Light Grey
The actual price of this outfit
Jeans: $158.40
Shirt: $84.50
Jacket: $415.00
Scarf: $83.00
Boots: $407.00  
Total: $1147.50

The outfit by ME:
Destroyed Boot Cut with StitchingShort Sleeve Scoop Neck Polka Dot TeeMetallic Open Knit ScarfZig Zag Eternity ScarfOver The Knee High Heel Boot
Jeans: Charlotte Russe $20.00
Shirt: Charlotte Russe $9.50
Jacket: Express $148.00 (also a cheaper one for $98.00)
Scarf: Charlotte Russe -Gray- $9.50 Maroon-$10.50
Boots: Charlotte Russe $45.50

 My total: $232.50
            Or $182.50  (with the cheaper jacket)
Love it <3
As a mother of 5, and also the wife of an army man, I rarely get time to myself. Not only that, but I rarely buy things for just me. When I get to go out shopping it never fails, I will come home with bags of goodies for everyone except me. 
Well I'm feeling a little out of it and almost lost. Last night I put on fake nails, which I'd say for the first time in 6 months. So I feel amazing and super girly haha!!! LOVE IT! And also kinda miss it. I'm adding things to "Mommy's Wish list" that's for sure ;)
Look at this swimming suit! Frickin awesome!! I always seem to look for a suit i will feel comfortable in while keeping my goods in check and also not showing things that I no longer am comfortable flaunting now that I tote around 5 kiddos. So going to start saving for this one. Looks like a keeper! Can you tell I have spring fever, and that I'm totally sick of winter? lol
Oh and also totally in a decent price range!! Even more to love about this "find!"
Island Fever Sport Tankini

thought this looked really cute as a cover up but spendy. Might be a project for me at home? we will see 

totally luv this scarf, and the jacket, and well the whole look!! pweese can I have it?? lol

Friday, January 28, 2011

The kids are napping!! So come along on my google adventure!! Let's see what we can find ;)


Photo Courtesy: 365daystobehappy
SOOOO TRUE     !!!! <3


sav3mys0ul: (via fuckyeahhappy)

Oh yum! looky what I found!!!!

Melting Moments
3/4 cup butter
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 tsp. vanilla
1 cup flour
Cream butter, add sugar & cornstarch, mix well.
Add vanilla, mix well.
Add flour, mix well.
(Recipe says to refrigerate dough for 1 hour, but you don't need to)
Shape dough into little balls and bake @ 350° for about 10 - 12 minutes
(or until cookies barely turn golden).
Frost with your favorite butter cream frosting!
I was in a huge hurry and didn't have time to make butter cream frosting, so I will let you in on my "cheater" way of making frosting. Simply start with store bought frosting (yes, the completely artificial kind by the cake mixes) and start adding a little almond favoring until it makes you smile (if you want, this is a good time to add a little food coloring too). Then mix in as much powdered sugar as you need to to get the consistency back to were it was before you added the flavoring. Like I said "cheater" frosting...but it is super easy in a pinch and better than straight out of the "can"!  see, you really can find some good things while google-ing around hehe :)
Happy Friday everyone!!! Today has been a very productive day thus far...and its not even 1pm! Heck yes, go me!!! :)
Well, I have had a pot of coffee to myself today. Last night was a night from hell. Seriously! The twins were brought into the clinic yesterday to find out they both have "rip-roaring" ear infections :( My poor babies. They were both inconsolable last night. Being the nice and awesome wife I am, I spent the night downstairs on the couch rocking Grayson so the hubby could sleep in the room. Didn't really matter what I did, Grayson was just not feeling well and he was letting me know it!.
SO on and hour and half of sleep I must say today is really going much better then I had expected! Ive cleaned the house top to bottom, and even had time to get a little crafty thing in. Took around 20 minutes.
Here it is:
Cute Valentines Frame-that really could double as just an adorable all year round frame! 
                    I started with the plain wood frame I found at Michaels. 
 Next, I picked out a piece of scrap fabric I had. I traced around the frame leaving about an inch extra around it so that I would have enough to fold over the frame to glue down.
 I cut out the middle of the fabric piece and then went and glued the fabric to the back of the frame.
 It was cute by itself-just the fabric covering it, but I decided to add an off white rose that I had.
 I cut off the stem, and took the layers apart and glued them down separately to the frame.
                                      This is how it's looking
 Then I took some black felt and this frame didn't come with a glass piece so I just used the cardboard piece it came with and used it to support the felt in place.
                                 This is what we have so far...
 I had a foam red heart from a Valentine Kit I also got at Michaels. I added texture by cutting out a smaller white heart out of felt adding more color and contrast. 


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh, and I did manage to get a little time to myself yesterday. We are in desperate need of bibs at all times with 2 babies teething! Lol, sooo I searched online for a bib that Velcro's on the side-I did find a pattern that I used but for some reason I cannot find the page and had forgot to save it. ~sorry, I will give props to the lady that I used the pattern from and I hope to add her link asap~ I used some old fabric I had laying around and I love how it turned out.

               The bib is a little big but that just means it will last longer :)
Hoping the hubby will let me go to the fabric store today. I've recently found that I absolutely LOVE Riley Blake's fabric. Just super cute for kids and really adorable!~
Holy cow, was dinner ever DELICIOUS!!! Seen this page while wondering around on blog one day and added it to my list of "must try." It was a lot of work (for a busy mommy of 5 kids) but it was sooo worth all the work. If you try this, the hubby and I were a little hesitant on adding the slaw on the sandwich but its really great if u add alot of sauce so that its pretty much dripping off the edges of your bread and then add your slaw. The slaw along tastes really tart but when you mix the slaw and the bbq sauce-magic happens! Just a must try!! Absolutely amazing :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We have done some crafty things the last few days. One of which was putting together some cute little Valentine's Day decorations. 
 The heart banner above was one I had found while shopping at Michaels. Super cute and sparkly! The hanging hearts we also found at Michaels. They are little foam ones you put together yourself. It was a good little project for the girls :)
This banner, I took the little foam hearts we had left over from the Michaels foam hearts pack and i sewed them together to make my own banner. Turned out better then I was thinking, which is always nice lol. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things have been a little crazy around here these last few days. On Saturday the hubby came home early from drill and I took Wyatt to the ER. Turned out he has pneumonia. Ugh, my poor little boy! He's just been really lethargic over the weekend and sleeping alot. He seems to be doing much better today now that he's been on the meds. Back to being his curious 2yr old self for the most part.
The twins seem to have a cold now-sure hope the pneumonia isn't spreading! Ive been disinfecting this place as much as i can to avoid that. Although i think its mostly spread through bodily fluid contact? Obviously I didnt listen to closely to the doctor.
On a good note, Ive got the hubby for the next 3 days!! Ive already put him to work building a storage cubicle thingy that I had him pick up from target. Trying to organize this place because it is driving me crazy. Making me feel so clostrophobic. Oh, that and Ive been watching hoarders, that show is super nasty and makes me want to clean my house top to bottom till all hours of the night and throw things we dont use!! Not a bad thing right? The hubby gets so mad when I watch that show LOL! But i figure if it motivates me to clean he should be buying me the series on dvd hahahah!!!
OHHH I almost forgot!! Silly me....the twins turned 8 months old on Saturday the 22nd!!! Growing fast :'(

                                             Wyatt kept saying "go to Army to see Jesse"
 We also were creative and made a Valentine's box for Riley. She made a girl dragon. Turned out so cute, now tell me you've seen a cute 1st grade Valentine's Day box?! So proud of her. She did almost all of the work herself. I supervised of course :)

 Hurry up Dad!! He got home around 4...just in time to watch the Packers-his favorite team-WIN!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hubby has drill this weekend, ugh! Which means lots more stress put on me as far as taking care of all 5 kids, the meals, the cleaning blah blah blah!  But at least the time around drill is at the home location so he gets to come home at night :) 
Today was actually a really good day!! Did some crafty things with Lauren while Riley was at school and the twins were napping. Wyatt was even well behaved during this!! Made a cupcake onesie for Emma and some new cute-as-can-be leg warmers. 

Oh, and recently we have been adding cereal/oatmeal to the twins' bottles at feedings now so it  helps them sleep longer during nap time YAY lol now I can TRY and get things done around the house. 
Grayson has been doing really good with his "crawling" around the house. He doesn't actually crawl but he sure tries! He will get himself up on his left knee and tries super hard to get the right knee up, but it just doesn't cooperate with him :( But like I said, he will manage to find a way to get across the room if he sees something he really wants! Like buddy's little toys...or mom's decorations! He's so determined, which I think is just amazing. He is not letting anything slow him down :)

                               Over was a great day :D

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