Friday, November 19, 2010

Its TGIF baby!!

       Today is finally Friday! whew!~ made it through another long stressful week. Hubby is gone away to drill for the weekend so its just the kiddos and I. OOOHH what to do with the weekend? Wyatt and Lauren are busy coloring pictures while the music is playing and Riley is off to school. Emma is sitting here next to me in her Bumbo chair while Grayson is sleeping away! Man oh man, its times like this that I sit back in my chair and just look around going OMgosh, I have 5 kids lol. I am super blessed :)
     On a different note. Id really love to do some sewing today. Possibly make up a few new pairs of leg warmers for miss EmmaB. I cant believe how easy they are to make. I have big hopes of making up lots of things from leg warmers to clothing and starting my own shop on Etsy.

Princess Emma with her wintery Leg Warmers 

We will SEE.....Off to go clean up after the tornado that ripped through the living room and kitchen this morning :)

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