Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gracie Joles Day

Happy Gracie Joles Day! 

Gracie had the same tumor Grayson had and even had the same oncology doctor. We've grown close to Gracie's mom over the years and it's a bond like no other. 
Today we ask everyone to be a little more kind. Spread love every chance you get, even if it's just a quick smile to stranger. Let's make Gracie proud. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Palm Sunday

We were off to a nearly late start this morning but made it just in time for church. It's our second week of being back  I feel Him. We needed this, and Him and even though the reason for us being drawn back to our faith isn't ideal. I still feel it's a blessing and I thank Him many times daily.

 We walked down to the park yesterday and there was a little girl with a bunny and our hearts melted. I've always wanted to get a bunny for the kids and this sure didn't help.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

4 years

Today. Today marks 4 years. It doesn't feel that long though, to be honest. I can still remember where I was standing in the house when I was told over the phone that my 8m old baby had cancer. I can remember what outfit Grayson had on.
Those feeling, emotions, all still very raw. Even 4 years later.
I could go into detail what all we went through, but if you haven't been down this road, there is no way in hell you would have a clue.
Today, I challenge you to not complain. Not once. Hug your children. Be kind. Be generous. Be thoughtful.
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Friday, January 2, 2015


I stopped blogging almost 2 years ago with the intent to never come back. I had my reason. Mostly because it was so hard to go through the events of the day and then sit down after the kids went to bed and, in a sense, relive them. I guess in a 'normal' life that wouldn't be so bad and could even be entertaining. In my our life things aren't exactly 'normal' even though G has ended treatment and we only doctor every few months.
I am still not sure what has brought me back to blogging, but here I am! I hope to post weekly. =)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Well it's been a long, long time since I posted last. I guess having all 5 kids home doesn't leave much time for blogging, who knew?!~
Let's see, what all has gone on in the last few months....
The girls both started school and are doing GREAT! I just had conferences the other night and Lauren is a "bit of a class clown" <-- NO way! Not MY Lauren hahah! Riley, smarty pants, is my 3rd grader and she is testing at a 5th grade level. Such a little overachiever! So proud of her!

About a week ago I brought Wyatt in for his first boy moment - almost needing stitches. *Rolls eyes* To be completely honest, I am surprised it took this long before something happened with him lol. He is a total boy and has NO fear! Anyways, he was running around in the living room and fell, hitting his face on the side of the couch. Cut up his lower lip pretty bad and also bit it. He went all out. There was blood everywhere and the cut was nearly all the way through the lip so we packed up and headed into the ER. The Dr. was going to put a few stitches in it but I thought that would be super traumatic and asked if we could just do the super glue stuff. He was happy to throw that on there and away we went. A few hours later, Buddy picked the flipping super glue stuff off. I swear, this boy wants me to die of a heart attack, soon! Well, thankfully it healed quickly on its own and never got infected. It looks pretty good and nearly all healed now.

Emma and Grayson both have a pair of Peach's Neet Feet now!! Emma just got hers in the mail the other day. If you are not familiar with Peach's Neet Feet, you are soo missing out! What they do is amazing in so many ways! We are so very blessed and thankful to have not only a pair for Grayson, but also Emma. Thank you everyone at PNF!!! Head HERE to see all the amazing things they do =)

Also, Grayson's next scan has been scheduled. November 9th.  Insert hyperventalating mama! I am honestly scared to death to walk back into that hospital. I feel as though now that we haven't had to go in for weekly chemo, now that I have finally convinced myself that we can now live a "normal" life again, I don't ever want to go back there. To that part of our lives. The nightmare! It may sound crazy, but it took me 2 months to start to even try and live "normally." We know that the tumor will grow again, and it haunts me...but I don't want to believe that. I can't believe we made it through the hell, absolute hell, we went through the last 15 months. I can't even fatham doing it again, but even through a tougher nightmare?! When I think about the past year and half, I feel a little numb, like I was in a war with something so horrible, the only way to live through it was to numb my mind, my feelings, and my emotions. Become numb=survival. I know most people will say "You can't keep things in, you need to talk about it." Fuck you! Sorry, but really, fuck you! That was my way of dealing, and I don't regret it at all. When I think back, it's really a blur, and it's best to keep it a blur. When I think of details, I get sick, sad, mad, ok, furious! My family experienced things no family should experience, I saw things no parent should see, and I felt things no parent should feel. Those things I can not unlive, I can not un-see, and I can not un-feel.

On a more positive side of this "nightmare," I have met some of my new best friends along this journey. God sent me those who I needed, when I needed them. Sometimes complete strangers or even old enemies became some of my closest friends and showed they truly cared about me and my family. I am forever grateful for them.
I am trying to keep myself busy and my mind focused on remaining positive for the up and coming scan. I have to remind myself that worrying really doesn't change anything and just wastes a whole lot of time and energy lol.
Oh and I am not going to spell check this, so hope I didn't have a billion mispellings :P I am sooo tired and headed to bed. I could probably fall asleep like this....

 HAHAHAH!! Oh Silla (that is his nickname...idk why. It was silly billy...then silla just silla...LOL crazy how nicknames come about. Emma's is Diva B or EminEmma, Grayson gave her that one haha).
{{Goodnight}} {{N.E.G.U.}}

Saturday, August 11, 2012

We can officially say - Grayson is DONE with chemo! Thursday was his very last day!! I keep thinking about the damn scans though! Blah!!! Big "Fuck You" to cancer! Oh, and I know this sounds crazy, but the 'end' of treatment is really going to be hard to adjust to! I swear I'm on a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs every few minutes! I thought the oncologist was kidding when she said a lot of parents have a really hard time at the end of treatment. Who would have thought?!  LOL

Exactly 14 months!

Looking forward to not having to spend so much time at the Oncology clinic!!! Yay!! We do go back in 6 weeks for a followup and they are throwing a little party for him there. Isn't that sweet?! So much fun!!

I am trying to think of things to distract my mind from wandering to those anooying and fun-sucking 'what if' thoughts. I know I do need to start getting school supplies and clothes for the girls. They are coming back on the 26th and school will start on the 4th. I'm going to let them pick out some stuff and will have to wait for stuff like shoes and jeans to make sure they can try them on first. So now I just need to find something to do in the mean time! I feel like I need to go do something, but Grayson has to wait at least 3 weeks before we go do anything to extremem with lots of people/kids. He needs some time to get a decent ANC and let that immune system start to bounce back.

Tis all for now,
Laters =)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This and That

Grayson has been neutropenic the last week so we are on the lovely 'house-arrest.' Must say it gets boring, fast! Grayson didn't get chemo last week due to the low ANC level so now our end date of chemo is pushed back at least a week. Tis life! I'm sure it's because I have a countdown and a party planned, right?! lol
I've had a ton of orders lately so I've been super busy at night keeping up with those and I even managaed to get one school shirt done and matching necklace! Go me! Pretty sure Riley will love it!
Super cute!! Going to make some lounge/PJ shorts tonight for them. Seriously those take like 15 mins each lol. And, you can never have too many pairs of jammie shorts! :) I'll post pics of those and other projects as well.

Also picked up this beauty the other day...isn't she so pretty?!

Right now its hanging up and it's gorgeous as is, eventually I will do something more with it!

The twins have hit their 'terrible two's'...I must say, it's still hilarious to watch them! They get in each others faces and yell in their own little language and then go separate ways whining, but then a few seconds later are cuddling and laying on the same pillow. LOL! I take lots of video so I can show them just how funny they were when they were little.

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Laters ;)